Dairy Cow Breeds | Major U.S. Dairy Cows

 “The cow is the foster mother of the human race. From the time of the ancient Hindu to this time have the thoughts of men turned to this kindly and beneficent creature as one of the chief sustaining forces of the human race” – W.D. Hoard


Breeds of dairy cows and Country of Origin:


Ayrshire Scotland
Brown Swiss Switzerland
Busa Yugoslavia
Canadienne Canada
Dairy Shorthorn Great Britain
Dutch Belted Switzerland
Estonian Red Estonia
Fleckvieh Central Europe
Friesian Netherlands
Girolando Brazil
Guernsey Great Britain
Holstein Netherlands
Illawarra Australia
Irish Moiled Ireland
Jersey Great Britain
Kerry Ireland
Lineback Holland
Meuse Rhine Issel Netherlands/Germany
Milking Devon United States
Montbéliarde France
Normande France
Norwegian Red Norway
Randall United States
Sahiwal Pakistan

The major dairy cow breeds in the United States:

Brown Swiss




Milking Shorthorn